The Rise of the Soviet Union: The Intelligentsia and the Rise of Lenin

Lectures on the the decades building up to the revolution of 1917 with a particular focus on the Russian Intelligentsia movement and literary circles, as well as the general historical narrative to contextualize the revolutionary climate. This course is an overview to help people understand more concretely what happened historically. There will definitely be discussions of different, often contradictory explanations for what occurred and why. It is important to consider that objective history is (at least in my mind) not much more than a noble dream, but one should still strive to tell as accurate a narrative as possible. The course will end around the rise of Stalin.

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This course is intended for people who have very rudimentary knowledge of Russia and The Soviet Union's history. If you do have some background, you may find some of this information redundant, but then again it never hurts to have a refresher. After all, this is a free "university."

If you have zero experience with a challenging history course you are definitely welcome. I plan on lecturing to you as if you are intelligent adults, not 5th graders. I will not be condescending or use buzzwords/big words for the sake of using them. I do want to challenge your notions of historical facts and narrative, though, so be ready for some good discussions. Get me against the ropes, demand answers!


The class will be starting June 25th unless I indicate otherwise. I will post:

A) A brief lecture with a "tl;dr" of sorts at the end, a bullet point summary of the important themes and figures. The length of the lectures is still to be decided, but I will have a good idea when I finish the first one.

B) Any books or essays that would greatly supplement the lecture, though they are by NO means required for my lectures. This is for those who want to do more or are curious where my statistics/sources come from (which is definitely a valid concern).

C) A second thread with the lecture title and [DISC] or some similar tag for any discussion that people want to have with me or each other. I will attempt to answer any questions that arise to the best of my abilities or at least direct you towards where you may find the answers.

D) Definitely two, possibly more "video" lectures. They will cover the general theme of the lecture and/or anything I find particularly important that would be better explained by actually talking. I tend to be a better public speaker than writer, so I may end up doing this frequently. No promises though!

*Here is a link to all the files posted: http://ureddit.com/files/class214/files/

Additional information

I'm really looking forward to this and I hope you are too. I will do my best to maintain a strict schedule of a weekly lecture, no longer than two weeks (I will definitely notify you if there is a delay). I will be travelling to DC in early July to work on my thesis, but hopefully that will not cause any postponements.

Teacher qualifications

I graduated summa cum laude from my high school. I know that just seems like I'm bragging, but I went to a very challenging school and excelled pretty well academically, so I feel like it's indicative of my dedication and drive.

I am entering my 4th year at the University of Virginia and will soon have my B.A. in History. Additionally, I am in the Distinguished Major's Program, meaning I have taken extensive courses on historiography and reading/paper intensive seminars.

I am currently working on a 60-90 page thesis as part of this program. Simply put, I am very serious about history and plan on teaching/writing at the college level (hence why UofR interested me).

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