Social Sciences
How to Question Everything and Argue with Everybody

This course will teach you how to think logically, spot mistakes, formulate opinions and change those opinions in the event of new information. This should allow you to rationally carry on (and win) a debate or argument about any issue while avoiding common fallacies.

Super effective when it comes to disproving somebody on the internet.

Micro Economic Theory

I will present a 4 week class on Microeconomic Theory. Each week I will present 3 topics, as outlined on my "syllabus". I will present them via lecture presentation (probably on youtube). After posting the lecture, I will be available for Q & A by text comment here on reddit. (unless someone has a better idea)

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Emphasis on the U.S. economy, the economizing problem, demand-supply theory, national income accounting, business fluctuations, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. Required for business and economics majors.

**The current subreddit is private. Send me a private message if you are taking the class, and I will invite you: **

Early Modern European History

By completing two to three readings, or "lectures", a week, the student should be able to achieve a relatively comprehensive understanding of the history of Europe approximately between 1500 and 1789. The course should take 7 weeks (1.75 months) to complete but students should always feel free to follow at their own pace, be it more quickly or more slowly. Discussion and reflection topics will be given at the end of each lecture, and to better apply the knowledge presented, it is recommend that students discuss these in the comment boxes in order to reinforce their learning.

To participate, please join the EMEuroHist subreddit at and remember that student participation is of the utmost importance for the course to continue!

The Rise of the Soviet Union: The Intelligentsia and the Rise of Lenin

Lectures on the the decades building up to the revolution of 1917 with a particular focus on the Russian Intelligentsia movement and literary circles, as well as the general historical narrative to contextualize the revolutionary climate. This course is an overview to help people understand more concretely what happened historically. There will definitely be discussions of different, often contradictory explanations for what occurred and why. It is important to consider that objective history is (at least in my mind) not much more than a noble dream, but one should still strive to tell as accurate a narrative as possible. The course will end around the rise of Stalin.

Roman Republic - Rise and Fall

This class examines the political, economic, institutional, social, and cultural history of Rome from its foundation until the end of the Roman Republic. Focuses on prominent figures and moments of crisis as it examines the forces that brought Rome to the forefront of the Mediterranean world.

Blogging 101

We will be taking a brief look at the world of blogging. In this course we will go over everything from selecting a topic and sticking with it, to building an editorial calendar, and also hear from someone who has made blogging their day job.

How not to be a twit on Twitter

A two part class that will take a look into various ways you can use Twitter. While some folks like to use it as a news feed, there are opportunities to network, find jobs, and even discuss beer brewing tactics from people around the world. The courses will be placed on YouTube, so please ask questions prior and when I post the content. If there are enough questions after the second session, I may create a third one to answer them.